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"Avengelyne" Issues

The following issues are included on this page, because the title starts with Avenglyne and I does have enough issues to warrant them having their own pages. Pages are controlled in size to load within a timeframe and because of that there may be more than one page. I strive to be alphabetic and sequential.

"Avengelyne is an angel who fell from grace. She served in the Warhost, a group of angels who serve as Heaven’s guard. She descended to Earth where she must live out the rest of her days as a mortal. Homeless and hungry, she met a priest who took pity on her, and let her stay at the church. Even in this condition, she finds herself battling demons as a sword-wielding warrior. This series chronicles the fallen angel’s adventures as she continues her Warhost duties on Earth.

Avengelyne was one of many female characters to experience huge amounts of popularity during the early 1990s "bad girl" craze. The real-life inspiration for the character was model Cathy Christian, who previously worked the comic convention circuit as Harris Comics’ Vampirella." - ComicBase™ 7.0.

Avengelyne #1
(Mini Series)
(NM) $17.00

Avengelyne #2
(Mini Series)
(NM) $3.00

Avengelyne #3
(Mini Series)
(VF) $4.50

Avengelyne #1a
(Vol. 2)
(VF+) $6.50

Avengelyne #1b
(Vol. 2)
(VF+) $2.50

Avengelyne #4
(Vol. 2)
(VF-NM) $5.25

Avengelyne #5
(Vol. 2)
(NM) $6.50

Avengelyne #6
(Vol. 2)
(NM) $5.75

Avengelyne #7
(Vol. 2)
(VF-NM) $3.25

Avengelyne #8
(Vol. 2)
(NM) $5.25

Avengelyne Bad Blood Prelude  Rio Cvr (NM) $38.00

Avengelyne Bad Blood Prelude Rio Cvr (VF-NM) $15.00

Avengelyne Bad Blood #1 Rio Cvr (VF-NM) $2.25

Avengelyne Bad Blood #2 Rio Cvr (VF-NM) $9.00

Avengelyne Dark Depths #1 Mychaels Cvr (VF-NM) $5.25

Avengelyne Dark Depths #2 Lyon Cvr (VF-NM) $6.50

Avengelyne Dragon Realm #1/2 Hall Cvr (VF-NM) $30.00

Avengelyne Dragon Realm #2 Martin Cvr (VF-NM) $4.75

Avengelyne/Glory  #1 Crom/Wrap Cvr (NM) $13.50

Avengelyne Power #2
(VF-NM) $2.75


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