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Godzilla Issues

Eons ago, Godzilla, a hybrid of land and sea reptiles was trapped in a state of suspended animation. Awakened by an undersea nuclear test, he rose again. Now, with fiery breath and awesome, city-smashing strength, Godzilla is going to show the world how much he hates having his sleep interrupted.

Fearsome as ever, Godzilla is not a truly "bad" monster and is befriended by a young man, Rob Takiguchi. Rob has his hands full, however, trying to keep this newfound friend out of trouble and out of the hands of those who want to control him. - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(VF) $17.00

(VF) $10.00

(VF/NM) $21.00

(VF) $8.00

(VF) $9.50

(VF/NM) $14.50

(VF+) $9.00

(VF+) $7.50

(NM) $48.00

(VF/NM) $12.00

(NM-) $14.00

(VF/NM) $14.50

(VF/NM) $12.00

(VF+) $8.50

(NM) $36.00

(VF/NM) $11.00

(VF+) $8.50

(VF+) $8.50

(VF/NM) $13.00

(NM) $24.00

(VF/NM) $14.50

  versus Hero Zero
(NM) $11.00


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