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Human Fly Issues

Marvel touted this 1977 series as starring, "The wildest super-hero ever—because he’s real! " The story of the man known as the Human Fly began when, as a young man, he was caught in a tragic auto accident. His body shattered, doctors swore he would never walk again. Years of operations, during which large parts of his body were replaced with steel seemed to make his lot look all the more hopeless. But the young man wouldn’t give up, and tried with all his might to get his body to do his bidding once more. When the doctors eventually had him restrained, to keep from injuring himself, he would sneak around the hospital at night relearning how to walk.
When he eventually recovered, he decided to become a symbol for all those who had lost hope. He donned the striking red costume of a daredevil and became the Human Fly. Marvel fictionalized his exploits, turning him into an inspiring super-hero.

(VF/NM) $11.00

(VF+) $7.00

(FN) $1.50

(FN/VF) $2.00

(FN/VF) $2.25

(NM) $14.00

 (FN/VF) $1.25

(FN/VF) $1.75

(NM-) $7.50

(NM-) $10.50

(FN) $1.20

(NM) $17.00

(FN) $1.50

(VF/NM) $7.00

(VG) $0.90

(VF) $3.50

(VF) $3.50

(FN) $1.75

(NM) $15.00

(VF) $5.00

(VF+) $5.00

(VF) $4.25


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