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John Carter Warlord of Mars Issues
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John Carter was an Earthman who ventured into a cave one day and saw a strange light. When the light touched him, his body seemed split into two, with one body staying behind on Earth, and another being transported to Mars. There he discovered strange races, including green, four-armed giants and ancient humanoid warriors. Carter rose to become a prince on this world, leading a swashbuckling life of space adventure. He also found friendship in the alien known as Tars Tarkas, and true love in the beautiful Dejah Thoris.

John Carter, Warlord of Mars was Edgar Rice Burroughs’ first hero, predating his work on Korak and Tarzan. Carter made his comics debut in 1939’s The Funnies #30. It appeared sporadically under several different publishers, including a 1972 run in DC’s Weird Worlds. Marvel’s version began in 1977, and presented Carter’s sword and fantasy adventures until issue #28 in 1979.  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

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