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"Legion" Issues
Page 01

For at least a decade, the Legion of Super-Heroes has had a tough time succeeding as a series or as a concept. Ever since the Crisis on Infinite Earths required numerous revisions to DCís future super-heroes, the team has struggled from title to title, trying to find the magic combination of creative team and heroic theme that would finally restore it to the greatness the series enjoyed in Adventure Comics and later, in its own title. The latest incarnation, by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and Olivier Coipel, the creative team on Legion Lost, picks up where "Lost" left off. The surviving members of the Legion make a dramatic crash-landing in Metropolis, where they are reunited with former comrades. They also undergo culture shock as they face a new world leader who may or may not be bent on killing the Legion once and for good. You have to admire DC for not wanting to let a onetime popular franchise go the way of past super-groups. But with so many failed re-boots of the Legion saturating the market, one wonders if the superheroics of the future have become a thing of the past.  - ComicBaseô 7.0.

Legionnaires #0
(NM) $8.00

Legionnaires #0a
(NM) $8.00

Legionnaires #0
(NM-) $4.50

Legionnaires #0
(VF) $1.75

Legionnaires #3
(NM) $5.00

Legionnaires #4
(VF+) $1.50

Legionnaires #16
(VF+) $2.75

Legionnaires #18
(NM) $7.00

Legionnaires #19
(VF+) $2.00

Annual #1
(FN/VF) $1.75

Legion of Super-Heroes #1
1st Series
(FN) $12.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #259
2nd Series
(NM) $42.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #260
2nd Series
(NM) $30.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #261
2nd Series
(VF) $4.75

Legion of Super-Heroes #262
2nd Series
(VF) $3.50

Legion of Super-Heroes #263
2nd Series
(FN/VF) $2.25

Legion of Super-Heroes #264
2nd Series
(NM) $20.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #265
2nd Series
(VF) $3.50

Legion of Super-Heroes #266
2nd Series
(FN) $1.50

Legion of Super-Heroes #267
2nd Series
(FN) $1.25

Legion of Super-Heroes #268
2nd Series
(VF) $1.50

Legion of Super-Heroes #269
2nd Series
(VF+) $3.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #270
2nd Series
(NM) $18.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #271
2nd Series
(VF+) $6.50

Legion of Super-Heroes #272
2nd Series
(VF+) $5.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #273
2nd Series
(NM) $18.00

Legion of Super-Heroes #274
2nd Series
(VF+) $4.75

Legion of Super-Heroes #275
2nd Series
(NM) $18.00


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