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Logan's Run

Loganís Run is notable for both its dynamic adaptation of the stunning science-fiction movie and for a little-noticed backup story in issue #6, the first solo story for the now-infamous galactic powerhouse Thanos.

In the world of Loganís Run, mankind has decided that in order to support the growing population, it was necessary to limit the time that people are allowed to live. A crystal life-clock is now placed in the palms of all newborns. It glows yellow for the first ten years of life, then blue for a decade, then red. At the age of 31, you are required to die.

Of course, some people do not submit so easilyóthey run. Thatís where the Sandmen come in: they track down the "runners" and terminate them. But some runners have spoken of a place called "Sanctuary" where you can live and grow old. Logan-6 is assigned to become a runner and find Sanctuaryóand then destroy it.  - ComicBaseô 7.0.

Marvel Version

Loganís Run #1
  (VF+) $6.50 

Loganís Run #1
  (VF) $5.00 

Loganís Run #2  

Loganís Run #2  

Loganís Run #3  

Loganís Run #4 

Loganís Run #4 

Loganís Run #5  

Loganís Run  #6 

Loganís Run #7  


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