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New Talent Showcase

One of the dearest dreams of writers and artists everywhere is "breaking in" to the business. DC’s New Talent Showcase provided an avenue for this, and gave recent discoveries a chance to strut their stuff.

It may have oversold the series a bit when it billed the artists and writers featured here as "Tomorrow’s Superstars." The stories ranged from average to very good, though probably none will ever be hailed as a classic of the art form. Still, stories like "Forever Amber" by Rich Margopoulos and Stan Woch and "Class of 2064" by Todd Klein and Scott Hampton are enjoyable reads that show a great deal of potential.  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(NM-) $3.00

(VF/NM) $1.75

(NM) $5.00

(NM) $5.00

(VF+) $1.50

(NM) $4.50

(VF+) $1.25

(NM) $5.00

(VF+) $1.75

(NM) $4.50

(NM) $5.00

(VF+) $1.25

(VF/NM) $2.50

(NM) $4.50

(VF/NM) $1.75

(VF+) $1.25

Talent Showcase
(VF) $1.10


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