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Smallville Season 5

Smallville: Season Five
Premium Trading Cards

Every superhero has a beginning...

Inkworks announces the release of Smallville: Season Five Premium Trading Cards capture the story of young Clark Kent as he struggles with the transition from boyhood to adulthood, his strength and the strange abilities that set him uncomfortably apart from his peers…

The 90-card set includes episodic coverage and much more!  Plus, look for these exciting, randomly inserted bonus cards:

AUTOGRAPH CARDS - ONE PER BOX! Autographed cards from eleven stars of Smallville. 

bulletJames Marsters – Professor Milton Fine/Brainiac
bulletTom Wopat – Senator Jack Jennings
bulletAlan Ritchson – Arthur Curry
bulletAlisen Down – Lillian Luthor
bulletDenise Quinones – Andrea Rojas/Vigilante
bulletRekha Sharma – Dr. Harden
bulletLee Thompson Young – Victor Stone
bulletJohnny Lewis – Gabriel Duncan
bulletNichole Hiltz – Simone
bulletJerry Wasserman – Dr. Yaeger Scanlan
bulletBrooke Nevin – Buffy Sanders

PIECEWORKS® CARDS - ONE PER BOX!  Ten different cards featuring costumes worn on-screen during Smallville: Season Five. 

bulletClark – T-shirt
bulletLex – Shirt
bulletLana – Jacket
bulletChloe – Dress
bulletLois – Jacket
bulletJonathan – Shirt
bulletMartha – Sweater
bulletLionel – Shirt
bulletProfessor Fine – Shirt
bulletJack Jennings – Shirt

TRIANGLES - Nine card foil puzzle

THE PRICE OF LIFE - Six foil cards

ALSO - Three box loaders "Vengeance from Krypton" and one special case loader "Banished"

FRIENDS - Retailer Multi-Case Pre-Order Incentive Cards:  Two puzzle Pieceworks® Cards (PW-11A & PW-11B) featuring John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) and Tom Wopat (Jack Jennings).

 Enjoy and happy hunting.
Unopened Box Binder Uncut
Base Set

$ 10.00

Single Common Cards (email detail list)
 $0.35 per card

Promo Case Loader




Box Cards
Individual Box Cards $ 3.00 each



Set of 3 Cards

Triangles (9-card subset)
Individual Puzzle Cards
$ 3.00 each








Price of Life (6-card subset)
Individual Cards
$ 4.00 each






A37 - Alan Ritchson


A38 - Lee Thompson Young


A39 - Denise Quinones


A40 - Alisen Down


A42 - Johnny Lewis


A43 - Rekha Sharma


A45 - Jerry Waserman














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