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Star Trek 35th Anniversary

This page includes cards belonging to a specific series or specific title and I does have enough different cards to warrant having its own page(s). Pages are controlled in size to load within a specific timeframe and because of that there may be more than one page. I strive to have within each series various grouping. Enjoy and happy hunting.


Joanna Linville as Romulan Commander from "The Enterprise Incident"
$ 15.00

Leslie Parrish as Lt. Palamas from "Who Mourns for Adonais?"
$ 15.00

Emily Banks as Lt. Barrows from "Shore Leave"
$ 15.00

Celeste Yarnall as Yeoman Landon from "The Apple"
$ 15.00

Jeff Corey as Plasus
"The Cloud Minders"
$ 15.00

Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt from "The Cage"
$ 15.00

Barbara Baldavin as Ensign Martine from "Balance of Terror"
$ 15.00

Louise Sorel as Rayna Kapec from "Requiem for Methuselah"
$ 15.00

Jan Shutan as Lt. Mira Romaine from "The Lights of Zetar"
$ 15.00

Peter Duryer as Navigator Jose Tyler from "The Cage"
$ 15.00

MorFEX (Costume Changes)

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00

$ 2.00


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