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Stargate Atlantis Season 1

Hidden deep in the Antarctic, the Stargate SG-1 team has discovered a long forgotten outpost base of the Ancients, the creators of the Stargates. There they discovered a new Stargate that connects to an entirely new network of gates that extends out of our known galaxy and into the Pegasus Galaxy. Dr. Elizabeth Weir, hand picked by the President of the United States, has assembled an elite team to explore for the first time this new galaxy.

This is the foundation for the Stargate SG-1 spin-off show Stargate: Atlantis which debute last July on the SciFi Channel and returns on July 15th, 2005 for its second season. This September, Rittenhouse Archives will bring collectors the first full series of trading cards on this hugely successful sci-fi series.

Each of box of our Stargate: Atlantis Season One Trading Cards will contain one autograph and one costume cards! Autographers for this premiere set include show stars Joe Flannigan as Major Sheppard and Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett.

To add to the excitment of this set, each box will also contain one costume card. Included in this set are over a dozen different costume cards from both show stars and guest stars including

Rounding out this set are a number of chase subsets including

bullet20 The Quotable Stargate: Atlantis
bullet9 Ancient Technology
bullet9 Atlantis Crew
bullet2 Fallen Hero: Colonel Marshall Sumner

Box Binders Mini-sets

Base Set

Season 1
63 Card Base Set

$ 8.00

Common Cards (email detail list)

 $0.35 per card

Case Cards


Quotable Stargate
$1.00 each





















Set of 20 Cards

Ancient Technology
$3.50 each





Costume Cards

Male Wraith


Chaya Sar

Dr. Rodney McKay

Lt. Aiden Ford

Teyla Emmagan

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Acastus Kolya

Dr.Carson Beckett $25.00


Colm Meaney as Cowen $75.00

David Nykl as Dr. Zelenka $75.00

Joe Flanigan as Mjr. John Sheppard $175.00

Craig Veroni as Dr. Grodin $30.00

Christopher Heyerdahl as Halling $30.00

Jana Mitsoula as Allina $30.00

Melia McClure as Melia $30.00

Laura Mennell as Sanir $30.00

Boyan Vukelic as
Sgt. Stackhouse $30.00

Ari Cohen as Tyrus $30.00



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