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Dark Angel

This 72-card series is based on creator James Cameron's hit sci-fi series, Dark Angel, starring the sexy Jessica Alba! Subsets include Season One Episode Guides, Character Profiles, Max Galleries and Behind-The-Scenes Cards. Plus, look for 5 Silver Foilboard Cards as well as 10 Authentic Autographs from the show's cast as well as creator James Cameron.

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Common Singles

Available Cards: $0.25 each

1x3 2x4 3x3 4x2 5x3 6x3 7 8x3 9x3 10x2 11x2 12x2 13x3 14 15x2 16 17x3 18 20 21x3 22x3 23x3 24 25x2 26x2 27x2 28x2 29x3 30x3 31x2 32x2 33x2 34x2 35x3 36x3 37x3 38x3 39x3 40x3 41x2 42x2 43 44x2 45x3 46x3 47x3 48x2 49x2 50x2 51x2 52x2 53x3 54x4 55x4 56x3 57 58x2 59x2 60x4 61x4 62x4 63x3 64x3 65x5 66 67x2 68x2 69x2 70x3 71x2 72x4

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Angelic Foil Cards
Individual Cards  $ 3.00 each

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Alimi Ballard

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Byron Mann

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