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Howard The Duck

Howard the Duck is an extremely hip comic for the cynic in all of us. It stars Howard, a normal bachelor duck, living in an alternate reality in a dingy apartment. Through a quirk of fate, he winds up on Earth—and suffice to say, he’s not fitting in too well.

A cult favorite, Howard the Duck follows Howard’s adventures as he tries to cope with life in a world he never made. Menaced by moral authorities and hunted down by an audacious group of villains, Howard spends most of his days with a Bad Attitude. In one memorable issue, the curmudgeonly duck even winds up on trial for his attitude. In the crucial scene, he is presented with a partial glass of water and asked to identify it. When he replies that the glass is "half-empty" (instead of half-full), Howard seals his fate. All in all, Howard the Duck is hilarious humor for the chronic curmudgeon. - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(VF)  $3.75

#12 05/77
(FN) $7.50

#13 06/77
(VF) $20.00

#13 06/77
(FN) $7.50

(VF) $3.50

(VF+) $3.75

(VF+) $ 3.25

(VF) $3.25

(VF) $3.00

(VF/NM) $6.50

(VF/NM) $6.50

(NM) $16.00

(NM) $13.00

(NM) $15.00

(VF/NM) $5.50

(VF) $3.00

(VF+) $4.25

(VF) $2.75

(NM) $14.00

(VF+) $4.25

(VF) $3.75

(VF) $3.25

 Annual #1 
(VF+) $5.75

 Annual #1 
(VF) $4.50

 Annual #1 
(FN/VF) $2.75

 Movie Adaptation # 1
(VF/NM) $3.50

 Movie Adaptation # 1
(VF+) $2.50


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