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  1. Please feel free to ask about anything, especially if you have questions about cover variations. 
  2. I will guarantee the Grading to be accurate, if listed on the description. If a grade is not part of the description, the grade is usually from VF to NM or higher. If during packing, I determine this to be incorrect I will inform you in advance of the shipping. If after delivery, you disagree, you can return the item for a refund or exchange.
    1. Grading Abbreviations
      1. MT - Mint
      2. NM - Near Mint
      3. VF - Very Fine
      4. FN - Fine
      5. VG - Very Good
      6. GD - Good
      7. FR or FA - Fair
      8. PR - Poor
      9. + or -  - slightly higher or lower of grade
      10. xx/yy - between the two grades (i.e. V-N - VF to NM, V-F - VG to Fine...)
  3. Notation Abbreviations
    1. MR - Mature Reader (some Adult issue will have you accept you are an adult)
    2. #nA - Cover A where n is issue number - this will only correlate to declared  or printed variation cover number, and will not to try to map to  Overstreet or ComicBase variations.


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